A 2D top-down survival shooter game where you will be a rookie soldier in a secret government lab when a zombie apocalypse starts out of blue and now you need to find your way to the docks for a chance to be with your wife and son again.

The player starts with a very small inventory and alongside the game, a better outfit with an even bigger inventory can be found. You will need its whole space to store the 7 different weapons, painkillers, maps, walkman, and music available during the 4 levels.

You can use a map, surveillance monitor, and cameras that allow you to find your mission targets to finish the levels.

Besides all this, you can make your way by exploding and shooting walls, because a lot of the game scenarios are fully destructible, and, of course, you will kill a lot of zombies shooting guns or driving a car over them while trying to discover what really happened to this government black site facility.



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I really liked :)